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Eco-Save Bacteria/Enzyme Products
are manufactured by JWH Distributing in Santa Rosa, California. This nationwide company was started in 1990 by Jim and Jean Harrison and is rapidly expanding. Concentrating primarily on the RV parks and campground and manufactured housing communities market, their ownership of a small manufactured community in the California foothills has helped with their level of awareness of the unique needs of such businesses. The company actively supports the campground industry at both the state and national levels, attending most of the state campground owner's associations conventions and trade shows in the United States, often giving seminars on septic systems and other maintenance issues.

JWH Distributing specializes in bio-remediation of waste products especially in RV/Marine holding tanks and septic/sewer systems throughout the United States. They are committed to the cause of protecting the environment as well as to offering individual attention to each customer and the best possible service they can. Free trouble shooting and expert advice are always available from JWH Distributing with personal service the standard. Providing enduring customer satisfaction through support and service at all levels is the goal. Let us help you help the earth!

Eco-Save products are endorsed by KOA Kampground and Country Coach motor homes and recommended by the Escapees association and the California Travel Park Association. They are available at fine campgrounds and RV parks nationwide including most KOA Kampgrounds and many Yogi Bear Jellystone Parks, the Country Coach, Newmar and Winnebago factories and a number of RV supply stores. Eco-Save is fast becoming the holding tank product of choice among discriminating and environmentally sensitive campers. A growing percentage of campground owners and government agencies, as well as the camping public, is becoming aware of the dangers posed by chemically based holding tank products to septic systems, the aquifer, campers and the environment. Eco-Save is proven to be the answer.

Owner Jean Harrison notes that "Initially the Eco-Save product line featured dry bacteria for septic and sewage treatment plants. At first we concentrated on the mobile home park industry. Soon we found however, that many mobile home communities also included RVs on site. As we learned, the presence of these units added greatly to the woes of the RV park owner because of the huge amount of chemicals designed to kill bacteria that found their way into the septic and sewer systems of the parks. Obviously these chemicals were coming from the holding tank products being used by nearly every RVer. We found that the use of our dry bacteria in the systems did help some, but it was expensive and did not do the whole job. Part of the solution to the problem lay elsewhere. Holding tank products that do not kill the good bacteria in septic and sewage treatment plants are the answer. Thus Eco-save holding tank products were born."

Campgrounds are happy to have these products in their sere and septic systems because they actually enhance the necessary bacterial activity. They are totally safe for dumping into any dump station and sewage disposal system. Eco-Save does not harm the desired digestive action in these systems. They actually liquefy the solids not just "pickle" them.

The Eco-Save holding tank products are now available in various types and sizes. There are two liquid versions: Original Formula and Fragrance Enhanced and a Dry version. The Dry product is extremely cost effective and ideal for boon-dockers.

Eco-Save products are totally safe, natural, non-chemical, non-poisonous, organic bacteria that will not harm the environment nor any systems.

Ms. Harrison goes on to say, "The friendly bacteria really does the job. Many, many people tell us it is the best product they have ever used. And not only do they use it in their holding tanks, they use it for all types of cleaning and stain removal, including mildew and mold. And remember, just because a product is labeled "formaldehyde free" doesn't mean it is safe for the environment. Read the ingredients, if it isn't bacteria or enzyme based, it isn't safe for the environment."

The Eco-Save product line also includes competitively priced dry and liquid bacteria in special formulations for septic and sewer systems, grease in sewer lines, vault toilets, restaurant grease, portable toilets, cleaning and organic stain remover. Eco-Save also has environmentally friendly citrus based solvent. Eco-Save offers an alternative to chemicals which is far better for the environment, works just as well and sometimes even better that the chemicals, and is often times considerably cheaper.

In addition to the Eco-Save product line, JWH Distributing carries the quality PTC Industries access and traffic control gates, systems and equipment. We understand the campground and mobile home park industries so we are ideally suited to quote you on your gate needs.

"It is clear that security and safety, whether at home or on vacation, is one of the key issues in today's society and is certainly of prime importance to mobile home park and campground owners. We look forward to contributing to owners' peace of mind by providing the fine product s manufactured by PTC Industries," states JWH Distributing co-owner Jim Harrision.

PTC Industries is just one of a handful of manufacturing companies of a full line of integrated products, revenue control and security access systems. Their gates are manufactured here in the United States, are UL approved and sold throughout the world.


Here's a list of Associations we belong to:

Alaska Campground Owners Association
Arizona Travel Parks Association
California Travel Parks Association
Campground Owners of New York
Colorado Campground and Lodging Owner's Association
Family Motor Coach Association
Good Sam
Iowa Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Kansas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Maine Campground Owners Association
Maryland Association of Campgrounds
Michigan Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Missouri Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
National Forest Recreation Association
National KOA Kampground Owners Association
New Jersey Campground Owners Association
North Carolina Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Northeast Campground Association
Ohio Campground Owners Association
Oklahoma*Kansas*Missouri KOA Kampground Owners Association
Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association
SEE GREEN, Sonoma County
South Carolina Campground Owners Association
Tennessee Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Texas Association of Campground Owners
Washington Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners

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