RVers Speak Out!  

"I want to tell you that since we came across your product it has been the best we have ever used. We have been camping or, should I say full timing it for 15 years and our tanks have never worked as well; also there is no foul odor. We were in Pennsylvania at a campground when we were introduced to your product. We have also used it for other cleaning purposes such as kitchen and bath, and most of all it is ecologically safe." 
Ray H. Wayne, Pharr, Texas 

"Eco-Save is fantastic in my trailer. It eliminates all odors. I highly recommend Eco-Save." 
Kristine Madden, Arizona

"The very, very best (toilet additive) I've ever found is the Eco-Save brand...It works better than anything else I've ever used ..." 
Escapees Newsletter September/October 1995

"We've been using Eco-Save for a year now while traveling full time, and are absolutely delighted with it. It also makes us feel good to know that it is environmentally friendly. I just wish everyone would use it!" 
Ray Parker, author "RV Having Fun Yet?"

"I bought an older motor home that had terrible odors in the holding tanks. The first couple of times I used Eco-Save the odors remained but after about the third time I found that they had completely disappeared. I have had it for several years now and find that even if I don't use if for months at a time, there are now no objectionable odors from the tanks thanks to Eco-Save."
Morris Farnsworthy, Manager, Silveridge, Mesa, Arizona 

"We were fortunate enough to receive a bottle of Eco-Save during the Escapees Spring Escapade in Chico. We are now using it in both black and gray water holding tanks. It seems to do a great job! Thanks so much." 
Lou & Gil Vasquez, Livingston, Texas

"Now for the sad story--we were nearly packed and would have been ready in a few days to travel west (in our new Winnebago) when someone broke a window and then tore up the instrument panel and stole the stereo radio and tape deck. ...They were cut on the window glass and dripped blood on the carpet and upholstery--a mess! Thanks to Eco-Save, it did not take me long to clean it all up and there are no stains left. What a great product! It works beautifully in the holding tanks and I'm also using it as a laundry spray and it is working great."
Mrs. John Dierkes, Winnebago owner, Illinois 

Business People Have Their Say! 

"We have been really pleased with using Eco-Save Concentrate for cleaning. Mold and mildew just rolled off. The cleaning people really like the cherry product (Eco-Save Fragrance Enhanced) and so do the campers." 
Casey Moll, Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Knightstown, Indiana 

"When we started using Eco-Save's ES 800 dry bacteria, it was costing us over $3,000 a year to keep the sewer lines cleaned. This is a 30-year-old mobile home park, the lines have settled and we had a lot of grease all of the time, as this is a retirement park. The Hal Aguirre company owns two other parks that had the same problem. But Eco-Save has solved most of our problems. Now we only use Roto Rooter to cut roots. The bacteria has more than paid for itself in lowered maintenance costs as the bacteria is only costing us about $700 a year."
Walt Mitchell, former manager Rincon Valley Mobile Home Park, Santa Rosa, California

"We just wanted to say how GREAT your product has worked for us. Here at Fantasy Island Campground we have no sewer system, so we have to pump out our seasonal and monthly campers with our honeywagon. We were skeptical, as new campground owners, of any product, which was new to us, so we did a study of Eco-Save versus the "blue stuff". To our amazement the price (for Eco-Save) was cheaper plus the "blue stuff" doesn't break down the paper products. Eco-Save will break down all the solids into a liquid in a week. You have a terrific product. One example we saw was with a camper from California. When using the product it actually took off the buildup from the sides of his tank and created a blockage. It was a job (to clear it up) but he will never use anything else and of course neither will we and many other of our campers. We even converted a Texan! Thanks!"
Jeannie and Rick Johnson, Fantasy Island Campground, Sunbury, Pennsylvania 

"We LOVE Eco-Save!!"
Laura Drewyor, Salter Path Family Campground, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

"We sell all of the Eco-Save holding tank products and find that the dry version especially is selling very well for us. There have been many good responses back from our customers. One lady in particular had a severe problem with solids in the tanks of a used rig they had just bought. Within a couple of weeks of using Eco-Save in their tank all of the solids had liquefied, the tank was clean and the problem was solved. It was quite impressive. When we first bought our park we had numerous problems with sewer line blockages and the system in general. Eco-Save dry septic bacteria cleaned out all of those blockages and restroom drain problems. Now our tanks perform better. I'm very pleased with all of the Eco-Save products and with the advice I've received from them." 
Bryan Lee, Buena Vista KOA, Buena Vista, Colorado

"As far as (holding tank product) goes, we recommend Eco-Save here at the factory. It is environmentally friendly and if you use it properly...it works beautifully." 
County Coach Destinations, Summer 1996, Junction City, Oregon 

"Thank you for introducing us here at Ole Mink Farm to Eco-Save. With us renting exclusive yearly campsites, our campers are always looking for a product that works well in controlling odors in their holding tanks. This bacteria, Eco-Save, really does a great job of keeping a pleasant aroma as well as being very effective in breaking down solids and paper before we pump out. It makes my job easier and keeps our campers happy. Many thanks."
Mike and Debbie Irons, Ole Mink Farm, Thurmont, Maryland 

"Eco-Save is a wonderful product. I would recommend Eco-Save to anyone who is serious about camping and concerned with holding tank chemicals."
Josh Phillips, Ozark Trav-L-Park, Ozark, Alabama, ARVC Winner 1996 Best Small RV Park

"Eco-Save Products . . . We Not Only Sell It . . . We Use It!! We have used Eco-Save for years. In our restrooms and showers, it has prevented mold and algae. In our rentals, there's never any septic smell."
Tom Kinnaird, Yogi Bear's Campground, Knoxville, Tennessee

"Our experience has been that Jim & Jean (Harrison, owners) have proven themselves to be very honest, knowledgeable & trustworthy. We recommend them to all our friends, with septic system and line problems."
Richard Honea, former owner Acres and Trails KOA, Oscoda, Michigan

"We've been carrying Eco-Save products for over 5 years now, and find that a few extra minutes spent educating our campers on the benefits of this product line are well worth it. We're satisfying our customers' need for an effective holding tank treatment product and still doing something worthwhile for the environment."
Carol & Walter Preble, Buckeye Lake KOA Campground, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

"All of our customers have been very satisfied with Eco-Save. They see the label with the words 'ecologically safe' and tend to buy. We have been steadily buying the products for years and will continue to."
Judy Swalley, Alamo KOA, San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate your sharing experienced expertise with me. Evidently you both have the credentials to do a top notch job."
Frances Stuller, Country Village Mobile Home Park, Marysville, California

"Just a quick note to let you know that the product you sent for the oil problem we had worked great. I could not believe that someone would dump used motor oil into our sewer, but they did! The resultant mess made everything in the sewer stick together, & gave us three blockages. Naturally this was our busiest weekend with over 125 large motorhomes hooked up to our system. We used the product & cleared up the problem without any further blockages. Within a week there was no evidence of any problem. Thanks again for the quick service."
Walter Preble, Buckeye Lake KOA, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

"Eco-Save is wonderful. We use it personally in our own rig, we recommend and sell it and our employees use Eco-Save too. It works very well. I even give Eco-Save to some of our monthlies so it will get into our lines. We are on city sewer but have lift stations and Eco-Save keeps the lift stations clean." 
Jim Rowley, Austin Lone Star RV Resort, Austin, Texas

"I sell Eco-Save & find that it sells as well as the other holding tank products. I want to sell natural products and we do encourage our campers to buy Eco-Save. We are on a septic system & know that Eco-Save is better for it."
Donna Rankin, Hixton KOA, Alma Center, Wisconsin

"We use Eco-Save in our own 5th wheel and are happy with it. It is economical, as you just need to use a little bit for it to work well. We stocked all the versions of the holding tank product in our store and found that the new 8-ounce bottles and the dry are especially selling well. We also have used the grease-eating bacteria from Eco-Save in our kitchen for the last year. There are NO grease problems and now our health inspector is happy." 
Twylah Hughes, former owner Ardmore KOA, Ardmore, Oklahoma

"I recommend that you try Eco-Save products. I use the dry bacteria in our septic system and sell the holding tank product in our store. I have been satisfied with both products and think you would be too. Caring for our environment is important and these products help you do that."
Al Fitzpatrick, former owner Fitzpatrick's Yogi Bear Campground, Lemont, Illinois

May, 1999
Dear Jim, 
Sorry this testimonial is so late I thought I sent one a long time ago when I first started using and selling the Eco-Save product line. Here at Ocean Canyon Resorts, Avila we have had the opportunity to use the ES-700 & ES-800 on our nine septic tanks & drains fields and have cut tank pumping of tanks by at least 85%. The retail products are now the only featured RV septic tank treatments sold at all of our parks. They are advertised for sale in our activity sheet and have had a most positive response.

Your help in ordering and delivery of your products have made me look like a hero in the eyes of the corp. office.

Thanks again for your personal service and wonderful product line. We like the fact that we are doing something good for the environment and cutting cost at the same time.

Yours Truly,
Rusty Uebel
Operations Manager
Ocean Canyon Resorts, Avila, California

March 15, 1999
Dear Jim:
We are the largest county park system in the United States with over 120,000 acres in eight regional parks. All of the parks are in remote areas and rely upon over 80 septic tank systems for the treatment of wastewater. Since April 1996 we have been using Eco-Save 700 in each septic tank at least twice a year. We monitor the scum level and sludge accumulation in each tank and have greatly reduced the frequency of pumping the tanks. The cost of one 25-pound pail of ES-700, which treats all 80 septic tanks for the year, is more than saved by just one septic tank pumping. Thanks for making this product available at a reasonable price.

Kenneth W. Mouw, P.E.,
Engineering Manager
Maricopa County, Arizona
Parks and Recreation Department

Listen to What Just a Few of Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Eco-Save Products for Vault Toilet Treatment!

"I have been using the Eco-Save vault toilet treatment for two years. I am very pleased with it. The toilet by the swimming pool has VERY heavy use. When I start to smell an odor, I just add a little more Eco-Save liquid concentrate and it solves the problem. We have two vault toilets and the small package lasts a whole season!" 
Madelyn Paskiewicz, Looking Glass Hill Campground, Gilford, Connecticut

"People have commented on how much better the vault toilets have been since we started using Eco-Save Vault Toilet mix. We have six vault toilets and the larger package lasts for about two years!"
Wes Davis, Long's Retreat, Latham, Ohio 

"Feel free to call me if you want a referral for using Eco-Save vault toilet treatment. I am very pleased with how it does the job."
Ernie De Lucca, Union Water Power Company, Primitive Campground, Lewiston, Maine 

"I'm happy with the Eco-Save vault toilet treatment program. It does the job and we will certainly continue to use it."
Russ Engelstad, Long Ravine Campground, Colfax, California 

"We have had excellent results with Eco-Save in our vault toilets and are quite pleased with your products."
John Pitman, Tuckaway Lake, Ravenna, Ohio

"Your vault toilet mix is working really well for us here. I'm only treating every two weeks and find it keeps the odors down very well."
Greg Erickson, Tepee Park Campground, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

"I'm happy to recommend Eco-Save vault toilet mix to everyone. It works really well for our six vault toilets. We will be buying it again."
Bob Leckrone, Wildwood Acres, Andover, Ohio

"Eco-Save is quite an improvement over our prior method for treating our vault toilets. I'm pleased to have found it."
Richard Warner, Dark Canyon Campground, Allendale, California 

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