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Ecologically safe bacteria/enzyme based
products for septic, sewer,
holding tanks, vault and
portable toilets,
and cleaning.

Our products help you help the earth!


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ECO-SAVE has a complete family of specialty bacteria/enzyme products to solve today's problems of waste disposal.
We provide environmentally sound solutions for a wide variety of problems. Free consultation available by phone. We are here to help you.


the solution for treating rv/marine holding tanks

*Bacteria/enzyme based

*Unique bio-formulation incorporating a special blend of bacteria, biodegradable masking perfumes and surfactants

*Environmentally safe to use- no poisons or harsh chemicals

*Keeps both black and gray water holding tanks clean and doesn't stain

*Liquefies and starts to digest toilet paper, grease and solids

*Especially beneficial for septic/sewage plants

*Neutralizes waste odors

*Reasonably priced when you compare per tank treatment cost

*Lubricates valves and cleans holding tank sensors

*Available in a variety of forms and sizes

For Cleaning, Odor Control, Spot and Stain Removal:
In addition to being used in RV holding tanks, our liquid bacterial formulations are organic spot and stain removers for clothing, carpets, upholstery, drapes, etc. They digest urine stains and odors and are also extremely useful as a cleaner especially in restrooms, bathhouses and dumpsters. They are very effective in removing blood, grass, and food stains, soap scum and mildew. Eco-Save is USDA approved for use in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants.

*Bacteria/enzyme based
*Easy to use and light weight, perfect for RVers who prefer a dry product
*Perfect for long periods of boon docking
*Extremely cost effective-one jar treats 30 to 35 tanks of waste
*Works in both black and gray tanks 
*Contains no perfume, nor surfactants, just friendly bacteria and bran
*Environmentally safe to use- no poisons or harsh chemicals 

Using either the liquid or dry ECO-SAVE products produces dramatic results: Reduced solids, controlled odors, no stains - and most importantly - a waste product free of contaminants that is acceptable for discharge at all dumping facilities. ECO-SAVE bacteria overwhelm undesirable odor-producing bacteria and actually enhance the digestion of waste in septic systems and other sewage systems. And all without the use of any harmful chemicals!

The Solution For Maintenance Of All Types Of Sewage/Waste Systems

Buy bacteria by quality not by price!
*Eco-Save contains approximately 112 BILLION bacteria per ounce, far more than in liquid form. 
*Commercial grade
*Controls odors
*Reduces number of times tanks must be pumped out
*Ecologically safe
*Easy to use
*Extends life of the overall system
*Non-poisonous, non-caustic, non-toxic, non-hazardous
*Unlike other brands, Eco-Save is used only when you really need it. Dosage not based on size of tank but on usage.
*Cost effective: One 25 lb. pail lasts 50 space RV Park/Campground two to three seasons, a mobile home park about one year. 

Eco-Save contains bacterial strains that actually digest difficult compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, phenols, hydrocarbons, etc. ECO-SAVE liquefies; digests solid wastes, residues and grease build up; leaving behind end products of carbon dioxide, water and a small residue of solids. ECO-SAVE enhances normal biological activity in all waste systems. Bacteria, unlike enzymes, continue to reproduce and work for you throughout the entire system.

How Eco-Save Can Benefit You: 
Help keep your septic systems trouble free
Improve biological stability
Extend the life of your system
Eliminates odors due to organic build-up
Reduce costly pump outs and sludge build up
Reduce organic loading to drain field
Provide rapid system recovery and help eliminate shock kills
Keeps drain fields from clogging
Help removes grease and other build up from sewer lines
Combats chemicals introduced into system

For Use In:
Commercial and residential wastewater facilities
Both anaerobic and aerobic systems
Septic tanks
Sewage treatment plants
Cesspools, lagoons, and sewage pits
French, kitchen and bathroom drains
Dump stations
Drain fields

For Portable Toilets:
The only ECO-SAVE product blue in color, this is a special liquid blend of bacteria and environmentally safe perfume for use in portable toilets. Industrial, concentrated strength. A little goes a long ways. Not suitable for use as a cleaner or stain remover because of dark blue dye.

For Vault Toilets:
A special method for treatment and cleaning of vault toilets. This system utilizes both dry and liquid ECO-SAVE products. Extremely effective in controlling odors, flies and waste build up in vault toilets.

For Cleaning:
Our only non-bacteria based product this wonderful product is a 100% natural organic biodegradable cleaner and solvent with a pleasant citrus odor designed for one step cleaning. It contains no petroleum distillates. Use it for removing grease, oil, silicone, black streaks, tar, skid marks, pitch, adhesive, pan burns, paint from brushes and much more.

For Grease Traps:
Specifically designed for grease removal in restaurant lines, this liquid product is superior for grease and odor control. Contains SEVEN strains of highly specialized & selectively adapted spores & vegetative microorganism designed to provide accelerated degradation of difficult to degrade organic compounds including fats, greases, oil, protein, meats, fish, milk, blood, urine, starches, carbohydrates, vegetable waste, paper products & detergents. 

Injected with a metering pump or added manually. Requires a one-time purchase of a pump.


All ECO-SAVE products are proprietary, developed through a patented process from naturally occurring bacteria, tested by independent laboratories and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Natural bacteria selected upon the following criteria:

*Ability to absorb and digest specific residues
*Ability to withstand environmental variance
*Ability to multiply rapidly
*On going safety for users and environment

Each batch sampled and tested against quality standards prior to shipment. ECO-SAVE products are 100 times faster in absorption and conversion than normally occurring bacteria, more resistant to environmental variance, safer to handle and use and actually reduce BOD loading at the waste treatment plant.


If you have any questions or comments please e-mail us at info@eco-save.com or Fax: 707-526-9460